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The Case of Steven's Death


Recently, one of the singers of the Boy zone Stephen - Gately, because of drinking too much, he was certified to be in suffocation by his own vomit. This Year, People all Wear ed hardy At that night of Stephen's death, Georgi Dochev from Bulgarien, hitting the bar together with Stephen, finally appeared and was questioned by the policemen, however he refused to disclose the details.Some Details to Match Your ed hardy

Stephen with his husband Andrew Cowles went to Spain, Majorca for holiday. New Year Gift Ideas for Fairy On October 10th, they went to the pub together and brought Georgi back to where they live. Who’s Most Sizzling of Them All? ed hardy ! The next afternoon, Stephon was found dead in the room.

While now the 25-year-old Georgi finally comes out and accepts an interview, but he expressed that he still felt frightened, had been unable to sleep and very sad. He confessed that he first found Stephen`s death that day, then went to the room to wake up his husband Andrew. It was reported that after the three persons returned to vacation house, Andrew and Georgi rested in the same bedroom, while Stephen was sleeping on the sofa.

Georgi refused to reveal anything about that night, but he expressed that he has made records for polices, and he companied Andrew all day in Sunday, he said, "Without the agreement of Andrew, I won't tell anything else." {P9}> What makes him most sad is that at the time of Stephen's death, he was separated with Stephen only by a door, but he did not discover that in time. if he had seen Stephen then, the tragedy would not have happened.

Stephen's autopsy was operated yesterday in Ma Yueka time it will take five days.Then they can transport the body to his hometown interring. In addition, when heard this sad news Stenphen's ex-boyfriend, a member of Caught in Act, called Stenphen immediately and wanted to hear her voice from the voice mail.

Stephen died at the age of 33. He planned to take the chance to participate in the reality show and guested as the tutor in the popular show `X Factor` before the release of boyband Boyzone's new CD. And Stephen said he was prepared to hold the post again on the interview of last week, but didn't expect the accident.

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