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The Fresh Products For The Car Of BMW


Adding the hard-top is like Z4 is handsomely helmeted, and we can feel the differences between the new and the old type immediately, especially that of the tail. Hey! How Can You Sit Loose Well-known ed hardy ? The old version's similar design of hatchback makes the rear looks "stocky", while C column position is in advance in new version, as a result, reducing the heavy sense of the rear. The design that looks like mainstreaming actually makes Z4 more ethereal. In addition, BMW's iDrive control system is also equipped with the first BMW roadster.Professionals Summarize ed hardy

A new generation of BMW's iDrive control system uses an image crisp clear 8.8-inch flexible high-resolution display, menu structure has also been optimized design, and combine with professional-grade navigation systems ,performance is greatly improved. Concept cars always exciting while they make people very disappointed occasionally. The reason is that most of the concept cars are neutralized when they are put into mass production, so the result is the mass produced cars retain only the name of the concepts.

Fortunately we have Spyker. They produce C8 Aileron which almost the same as the conception vehicle. This handmade design C8 Aileron takes its inspiration mainly from Spyker's aviation tradition, emphasizing the jet engine applications. Speaking of power, C8 Aileron is equipped with the 4.2L V8 engine which generates a max power of 400hp, and 0-100km/h acceleration takes no more than 4s.

The appearance design of 09 version SLS inherits the diamond-cutting style that is a matter for pride to the Cadillac family, looking virile and imposing. However, when the doors opened at that moment, the new changes in saiwei is excited enough to motor nerve terminals. Dynamic Tan black interior takes a moderate change on its past elegant beige tones, switch to build with high-end Tan black leather and precious wood.

Besides, SLS cabin adopts full-size genuine leather seats of luxury private jet, especially rear-seat having personal space proper to a luxury limousine. And the console in the center of the backseat provides the richest amusement, air-conditioning and needs for storing space for back row passengers. If you buy GTS and drive it only in the city, you would probably let the designers down, as they have put so much effort into the car.

Because whether the V8 engine with the same root with Ferrari, or the 6 - speed dual - clutch gearbox with gear changing paddles on steering wheel, GTS is obviously made for running. And it is somewhat different from common manipulation area, GTS has no gearbox fender. Instead of a few buttons, in the neutral gear mode, as long as you touch the allocation of paddles behind the steering wheel, gearbox will automatically enter the starting state. After starting the engine, all the passion will also be ignited with the engine's low rumbling sound.

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